Gateway Community Care (GCC) is a Community Service Organisation providing services to address the needs of the disadvantaged and marginalised in Devonport and surrounding communities. GCC endeavours to embrace these needs and bring solutions that provide a service to the community that makes a genuine difference to the lives of others. The heart and culture of our organisation is to make a real difference in our community by being a positive influence wherever we are given the opportunity.

White Butterfly Memorial Event

White Butterfly Memorial Event


Heaven's Kitchen

The focus of Heaven's Kitchen is to connect and provide support to disadvantaged and marginalised families and individuals by providing free or low cost meals in a comfortable, warm and friendly environment.

Please contact Heavens's Kitchen at 049 7293 496 or email

If you would like to know more or would like to send your clients to Heaven's Kitchen, please visit

Disaster Relief

Funds are set aside to provide emergency response to global and local disaster relief to families and communities. Recent support has been provided to local families affected by the floods in the Latrobe and surrounding area. A small team has also been accredited and trained by Tasmanian Council of Churches in Emergency Ministries, this team will be ready for deployed as Chaplains and Support Workers to any local emergencies or disasters.

PAM Practical Assistance and Mentoring

Along with building relationships with those in our local community, PAM is practically assisting people in ways they aren't able to themselves. We work with Risdon Prison to provide video link visits with inmates and their families, supporting family connections.

You can contact PAM by emailing:

Rumpus Youth

Rumpus Student Services has two main focusses, Lunchtime Programs and Character Development Programs. Rumpus Student Services connects with students throughout the North West Coast by running different activities during School lunch breaks. These activities allow our team to develop connections and establish healthy relationships that can prove beneficial no matter what stage of life a young person finds themselves in. Our team also offer more specialized Character Development programs. Shine and Strength meet weekly in various school and allow our team to facilitate conversation with young people around topics such as resilience, self-worth, healthy relationships and respect.

Community Service Organisation Partnerships

We develop relationships and partnerships with Community Service Organisations who are making a difference in our community. Our partners include Mission Australia where we support them with Hygiene and Basic Care packages for families and participants. Chaplaincy support is also provided to Mission Australia Staff in both the Devonport and Burnie offices.

Care Packs & Christmas Hampers

The focus is to give families and individuals in our local community, who are going through a tough season a Care Pack or Christmas Hamper.  Our heart is to support, encourage and lavish a little on these people.  A Care Pack in a time of need can bring encouragement and joy in a hard situation.  A Christmas Food Hamper can enable a family to celebrate and enjoy time together around a Christmas meal.

Devonport Chaplaincy

Gateway Community Care financially supports Chaplaincy programs in our local schools. We provide student mentors who work one on one with children and young people. Visit for more information. We also provide Mentors for the The Easy P’s Learner Driver Mentor program which helps students obtain their Provisional Driver’s License, where they would otherwise have no access to a suitable vehicle or their own supervisory driver.

Community Projects

A Community transformation project where we will bring blessing to a community service organisation with a makeover or renovation. We have recently had a team work with the community with a makeover of the SPACE School building.  It was great work as a team with other trades people to see this area transformed with a new coat of paint, new furniture and fresh realised work spaces.  This fresh new building has provided students with a wonderful place to meet and work on their school activities.  This environment helps students to feel valued and supported in their education.


White Butterfly

The White Butterfly annual Remembrance Service is supporting, strengthening and encouraging individuals and families through the journey of losing a child before birth, stillborn, abortion and miscarriage, in a safe and caring environment. This service takes time to remember, to honour and to recognize the journey of loss.

Supporting Gateway Community Care

Supporting Gateway Community Care

When we stand together, partnering with others, we can accomplish much more than if we stand alone. All the funds go to help others as we partner with amazing people and organisations locally to make a lasting difference in the lives of many people that would not otherwise be the case.

Join us in changing lives forever by giving a weekly amount or one time payment.

Bank Name: Bendigo Bank
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The Trustee For Gateway Foundation (ABN 72 984 948 992) is a Public Benevolent Institution which has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status with the Australian Tax Office. Donations over $2 are tax deductible

From those whom we impact by our support, our love and our compassion, Thank you!


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